Top Ten Tips for Meditation

We must learn how to watch for it whenever we are out and about our daily business, whatever that is for you. By keeping an eye open on how you can show love to those around you is giving yourself the chance to gather more and more opportunities.

We should have no time to think about hurting one another when there is so much exploration in the physical and whatever other realm there may be. What is the point of hurting one another when with peace we could live passionately.

It is found within. That is, you must go into your mind and seek it. When you get to a certain point you will no longer have to seek it. It will be there every moment of everyday to tap into for great knowledge that you can use in everyday situations. We all have fractures that appear within because of the everyday. It is up to each of us to release control back to the universal principle that everything is being taken care of and every situation is perfect just for us.

Like a diamond, flaws can be a good thing. Each flaw allows us a challenge to learn or an obstacle to overcome. This happens by accepting it for what it is. By saying you can do something means that you are giving yourself an opportunity to learn. Opportunity surrounds us.

Amounting to greatness, gathering power, being the wealthiest, having the most spiritual thoughts is nothing without the meaning we give it. When there is love a deep warmth moves through the body. That love is our higher being, our spirit, our best part of ourselves that is connected to that world. In martial arts, a person moves without thinking. It is a combination of mechanics of the human body and the spirit of the fighter. When one person moves the other flows and vice versa. Our bodies continuously move along, flowing with our spiritual or best side, and when we listen we can hear that best side. When we begin to listen to it more often life can be the most amazing experience you could ever ask for.