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Is Taron Egerton new Wolverine?


A large news heading into 2019 Comic-Con was that it was planning to announce Taron Egerton as the next Wolverine.

But the actor himself, lately acknowledged in Rocketman for his work, has distinct thoughts. In a Variety session, Taron Egerton discussed his ideas on performing Wolverine and entering the MCU as a whole.

“I love Marvel, and I enjoy films,” gushed Egerton on the red carpet of the HFPA. “I would appreciate the invitation to get in shape, and I would enjoy to be a component of it.”

But while his remark began promisingly, he quickly clarified that Wolverine might not be the correct decision for him.

Over the past 19 years, Hugh Jackman has performed the part in many movies in the X-Men universe. Previously, Hugh and Taron teamed up together on the movie Eddie the Eagle.