Charli XCX makes comments on Taylor Swift’s opening


Charli XCX is the subject of a blog released today by Pitchfork. The wide-ranging discussion includes a ton of ground, but Charli has stuck around a specific citation.

While discussing Taylor Swift’s starting knowledge on last year’s Reputation Stadium tour, Charli said: “I’m really thankful that [Taylor] requested me on that trip.” But as an artist, it feels like I was gesturing to 5-year-olds on point.

She came on to say that signing for other performers was completed. “I did so much of it, and it really cemented my position as the underdog personality I now like. But lastly I just have to own my own damn shit.”

Naturally, the Taylor Swift fanbase was not pleased to be described as a lot of children. If you read Charli’s latest Instagram messages, the Swifties have made quite a few bad remarks, and Charli has published a declaration to explain her remark.

“As I say in the article and have said many times before, I am extremely grateful to Taylor for inviting me to open for her,” she writes. “She’s one of the biggest artists of my generation and the reputation tour was one of the biggest tours in history.” Charli says: