Is Lindsay Lohan dating with Mohammad bin Salman?


What’s happening between Saudi Arabia’s crown Prince and Lindsay Lohan? There are stories of a liaison between the American actress and Mohammed bin Salman, as recorded by the “New York Post”.

The crown prince, who is said to have ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (59), leaves the “Freaky Friday” star in his private jet flying around the world, and supposedly spoils you with donations, including a credit card list.

A quote from the platform’s lohan set has only confirmed that the two understand each other. A spokesperson for the actor stated the pair had encountered only Once – a year earlier at a Formula 1 competition, and Lohan never had a credit card from Mohammed bin Salman.

The actress, who now lives in Dubai and has been announced to have the right religion for you with Islam, to get to the people in the Middle East, well, a source says. “For her, you’re insane!” The Insider, therefore.

Lohan was recently with the Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov (26) in a relationship. The couple wanted to get married and broke up in 2016.