Female loses hair after someone hair remove cream mixed in shampoo

A female who supposedly tampered with her conditioner and was effectively mixed with hair removal cream was forced to wash her face as it began to drop out in big clumps. And now the friends involved have built up a GoFundMe card to assist with wigs, medical and legal costs.

“Before she rinsed it out, she let the conditioner sit for about 10 minutes while she was going through other showering moves,” friends posted on her GoFundMe website.

Ashley Robinson noticed that her hair had a foul odor when she left the shower, however, so she started to wash it again, only to sit there helpless as her skin started drying out in huge clumps.

“The conditioner is thought to have been manipulated and somebody placed some kind of chemical depilatory gel inside it, like Nair or Veet,” her mates replied.


Taking on Facebook, Ashley revealed that she has had anxiety attacks since she started losing her hair and she doesn’t want to go out in public. “This evening’s anxiety attacks more than ever. I’m scared, I’m not going out in public,” she replied.


So far, GoFundMe from Ashley has raised $1,515 (£ 1,250) and hundreds of them have sent their help messages.