Woman saves piglet that dropped from truck


When vegan activist Lisa Buck said that a piglet was discovered walking along the road, she gave it as a hint that her bacon was to be saved. She was angry to see a factory van packed with chickens the day before.

Now Buck has not only taken the piglet, which she called Peggy, but also the foundress snuggles on her couch while she and Bill’s husband view TV. Twelve days earlier a family friend saved Peggy from the street edge in Norfolk.

But, as Lisa claims she already hoggles pillows, nestles in her parents hands for cuddles and makes herself at school, Peggy seems to enjoy animal existence. Peggy might, however, be tiny, but she will probably expand to 7 metres and 40 stones. Yikes .- Yikes.

“I know well how large she will get, but we stay in an old farm building-we have room,” she said. “I’m well conscious that it is trying to be large.

“While, if she insists on viewing telly with us every evening, we might have to get a larger armchair, in reality, it might be better if she’s received her own sofa!”

We love a heart-warming story like this…