YouTuber Brooke Houts refuses to slap dog after footage upload on social media


YouTuber Brooke Houts insisted that after she unintentionally posted footage of herself showing to smack and spit on her pet, she is ‘ not a dog abuser. ‘ In footage posted to her YouTube channel, the 20-year-old dog Sphinx gets up at her as she films a clip with him.

Brooke seems to smack the dog sooner than yelling’ No!When he gets up at her again, she seems to hold him on the floor and spit on him.

Later in the clip, when Sphinx attempts to tap her neck while filming an outro, she holds the Doberman out of the manner with each arm.

The YouTuber, who has more than 300,000 followers, faced controversy after unintentionally posting the offending clip and reloading the video, called my doberman’s paper cover joke! ‘ It’s with it.

Despite Brooke’s rejection of allegations that she was spitting on her dog, Logan elaborated:’ They must misconduct your pets. I’ll get it.

But despite the hit, the shooting is totally unwarranted, besides the point, and twisted display of strength that leaves this woman totally undeserving of that dog’s privacy.