Female blind after hair dye reaction


Following a horror response to her hair dye, a female was kept blocked for 24 hours. Steph O’Dell, 24, colored her hair in front of her sister’s 18th birthday journey to Amsterdam, but after she had an allergic reaction to the dye, events got disastrously incorrect.

The response, which led the top of Steph’s marketing assistant to expand to three twice its usual volume, put her in agonizing pain, and even blocked momentarily. Remembering the shocking incident, Steph said: “It was terrifying. I was lucky it wasn’t worse. I’m never going to dye my hair again.”

“The dye didn’t reach my scalp, she told me, and that was organic,” Steph recalled. “She asserted to be sensitive to hair dye as well and displayed me the item she was using.”

“When I looked back at the pictures, I looked like an alien. I couldn’t think it had occurred, particularly since I was told that the dye was organic and safe of PPD,” she proceeded.

“For her 21st birthday last year, thankfully I brought my sibling away to Amsterdam so she lastly received the journey she wanted,” she said.

“Manufacturers can alter the components in products at any moment so create sure you always do a patch test. Even if you’re using organic products, you never understand if you’re going to respond.”