‘Sex And The City’ writer Candace Bushnell share her Tinder experience

‘Sex And The City’ writer Candace Bushnell share her Tinder experience

If you brought up getting Carrie’s and co’s relationship tips in Sex and the City like us, then it’s probable you’ve received its creator Candace Bushnell to praise (or blame) for your previous meeting practices.

But after the breakdown of her marriage to Charles Askegard, which finished in 2012, the 60-year-old eventually plunged her toe into the contemporary visiting globe with a touch on Tinder as portion of studies for her fresh novel, Is There Still Sex In The City? and it passed just as you would imagine.

Unlike us, however, she didn’t split all her hopes and dreams between Hinge, Bumble and the other myriad of dating applications out there, with the interview saying: “Bushnell didn’t investigate other dating apps as well ; that quest alone could include a whole novel,” she said.

Bushnell’s back to the dating field was effectively urged by former Vanity Fair editor Ina Brown, who in her 50s suggested her buddy returning to the dating globe, while one of her colleagues pressured her specifically to try Tinder.


Remember the case of 20-year-old Thea Chippendale who matched a potential partner just for him to start the conversation with: “Not gona lie you’re a bit of a joke but that last photo dress doesn’t make any favors?”



Fortunately though, it’s not all gray clouds: “One moment I combined somebody created for a mozzarella stick with a tinder profile. It turns out that the man operating it was funny and we finished up sharing digits.

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