1st vagina spa is open in London

Don’t forget, there’s a vagina spa coming to the UK, London very quickly so now you can attach your lady parts to the lengthy roster of items we females are supposed to maintain in perfect shape in 2019.

But what precisely is a spa for the vagina and why do we hear you wonder why I need to go? Well, you don’t have to go up first-you’re ideal as you are-but VSPOT Media Spa will quickly open its gates in the city to implement a variety of cosmetic and non-chirurgical processes specifically for down there.

Specializing in “women’s intimate hygiene,” the page says it features an all-female squad of ‘ medical specialists in correcting problems that conflict with our performance of lives and marital happiness, ‘ specifically vaginal rejuvenation, lasers, squeezing, urinary leakage, difficult intercourse, menopause, vaginal lightening, and more.

While the page mentions advantages including more frequent orgasms, enhanced sexual desire, and enhanced natural lubrication, gynaecologists have earlier fired the weapon, stating nurses are at danger of harmful nerve fibers that could trigger long-term issues including intercourse pain.

But it’s back here at VSPOT, where you can have steam infused with therapeutic herbs for an extensive clean for $125 (£ 102) a pop in your nether areas. LED lights are then used to treat the region to assist battle in cultivated hair and soothe the skin color. All treatments are priced at the same price as the branch of New York.

What are they going to believe about next?