Costa Coffee reduce cup sizes and increases price

After cutting the size of their cups by a quarter, Costa has kept coffee lovers discontented as rates increase by 10p.

Customers who had previously paid £ 2.45 for a medium coffee, which was 16 fluid ounces (fl oz), are now expecting the coffee chain to order their large, costing £ 2.85, to get the same quantity of caffeine.

And if a customer still commands a ‘medium’ from the store they’ll pay £ 2.55 and get 12fl oz, which was the magnitude of the ancient ‘small’ chain.

According to The Sun, the café gigantic is also presenting a fresh ‘ tiny ‘ cup that contains only 8 fl oz of beverage, a quarter less than the prior choice.

Several dissatisfied coffee lovers struck the loop for their fresh modifications when they heard the press.