You can go in London with your girlfriend to a ‘mean girl’ afternoon tea

There’s an afternoon tea in London for Mean Girls-and it looks like SO fetch. Duo London is hosting the extravagantly pink tea with a variety of sweet and savory treats you won’t get enough of.

There are the Oh Boi (a pink velvet cake slice), the Meanest Girl (fruit pie with caramel and chicken buttercream), and The I Hate You (mini doughnuts with white chocolate ganache) in terms of deserts-just to mention a few.

There are also a variety of fries, from fried fish to beef mayo, as well as a variety of vegetable and vegan choices. But safer still? There is no (fortunately) Kälteen bar in view.

There’s also a specially made Burn Book in the afternoon tea, where you can sell all your frustrations.

Every Sunday, the completely named That’s So Fetch evening tea requires position-so there’s no need to carry coffee unless you really want to – and you can figure out more here.