AirBnb shaped like a beagle shaped house

Lovers of dogs, rojoice! Now, by remaining in a beagle-shaped house, you can bring your canine fascination to a whole fresh stage. In addition to being formed like a gigantic dog, the two-bedroom Dog Bark Park Inn B & B in Idaho, USA, is also kitted out with doggy timber sculptures inside.

Describing their estate internet, managers Frances and Dennis commented that their home was “the one location that is a nice thing to be in the dog house.” The country house also provides incredible opinions of the hills and grain areas of Idaho and has its own scenic window garden.

Moreover, it’s not far from the Snake River’s renowned Hells Canyon Gorge, where tourists can bring a boat tour. The dog-themed hotel is not the only Airbnb out there that is bizarrely formed.

“This is your chance to sleep in an underwater bedroom once in a lifetime, where the only thing that separates you from your neighbors is the 360-degree transparent wall,” he wrote. We’re going to adhere to the dog house, thank you!