Red Panda Triplets Born At Kansas City Zoo

Red Panda Triplets Born At Kansas City Zoo

On Tuesday, August 7, Missouri’s Kansas City Zoo confirmed that their first red panda parents, Kate and Randy, were welcoming triplets on July 11.

Can we get a group aww? Sharing the happy news on their social media channels, the zoo published three pictures of the adorable twins and told the audience that Kate and children are doing “awesome.”

“Both relatives are first-timers and it’s fairly common to have three children raised at once, but mom does a excellent work waiting for them.” The zoo clarified that they still have to identify the children and expect to announce the triplet genders once they get closer.

The zoo shared in the declaration: “To ensure that it gains weight at a healthy rate, the smallest of the cubs received additional feedings from the zookeepers.”

For the next three months, Kansas City Zoo plans to keep the cubs behind the scenes as they get used to living in Missouri. The zoo also shared that in October they thought the cubs would be ready to make their public debut.