Alicia Keys delaying her tour and album due to Coronavirus

Alicia Keys has offered to sing down the phone to fans after delaying her tour and album due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fallin’ hitmaker was due to release her new record, ALICIA, in May, and embark on an intimate concert tour promoting her memoir More Myself: A Journey.

In posts on Twitter, the star revealed that she would delay the tour and album as large parts of the U.S. goes into lockdown to stop the spread of the virus, but will still release the book later this month.

“My Beautiful Fam,” she tweeted.? “The #MoreMyself Tour & my album #ALICIA will be postponed (Good Note: book will still be available on 3/31(praying emoji)). ?
? “Everyone’s health and safety is the #1 priority! Thank u for ur deep love, I’ll let u know about new dates soon. Stay powerful! I adore u (purple heart emoji).”

After the postponement, she then went on to ask fans to contact her so she could send them personal voice notes and even sing to them.

“This is a strange time and I want to find ways to continue to connect with you,” the star wrote. “I really have love for y’all Purple heart I’ll be sending voice notes and maybe even sing u a little song. Text me at +1 (917) 970-2001 so we can chat. Love!”