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Sadie Frost doing Yoga in Home – Instagram Photos


Sadie Frost doing Yoga in Home – Instagram Photos 06-13-2020

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I know theres a little too much flesh in this picture (but i am 55 this week and am enjoying that i still feel relatively comfortable with myself .. i do like it – it represents how amazing yoga can make you feel – in this pic i am wearing @frost_body .leggings (follow us for tips/ practise and recipes )- and a @rockinshq scarf round my boobs -i always love working with @debbiclarkphotography – its always such a perfect collaboration.. last week Debbie shot some stills on my new short film’CONTACT’ which i am just finishing @blondetoblackpictures – it was so great to shoot in lockdown and do something creative with some of the youngsters @rafflaw @kelvinkinderbueno @rudyalbarn @coracorre @bellabroekmantilbury .. who all did an amazing job- you will be able to see it in a weeks time.. #moviemaking #yoga #contact #backbends #dailypracrice

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