Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals Bill Cosby Tried To Kiss Her, Respectfully Backed Off When She Said ‘No’

The TV personality opened up about an ‘unusual encounter’ with her longtime friend.

Kathie Lee Gifford has revealed that Bill Cosby once tried to kiss her, but she shut him down.

The 67-year-old singer and television personality made the surprising reveal in a new interview with People as she recalled a two-year period during which she worked and traveled with the now-imprisoned Cosby Show star.

While she considered the comedian a good friend at the time they worked together, Kathie Lee admitted Cosby tried to get a little too friendly one night when they were alone.

“He tried to kiss me,” she said, adding that Cosby was not the first man during a multi-decade career that came on to her.

“The one and only time that he did try to kiss me, I said, ‘No. Bill, you’re my friend.’ He goes, ‘You’re right. Good night.”

She added that she personally never saw anybody being treated inappropriately by Cosby when she was around him and that while she was “surprised” and caught off guard by his move to try to kiss her, she did not feel at all “panicked” by it.

The former Live With Regis and Kathie Lee star recalled traveling with the Jello Pudding pitchman and even staying in the same house with him whenever they went to certain cities.

“We had great fun together, and I never thought a thing of it ever. He would make me cappuccinos, he’d make the girls cappuccinos, he would pour me a glass of wine on occasion, and I would read the stories about how he would put drugs in other women’s drinks and it was just foreign to me.”

Kathie Lee said that when drugging and assault allegations against Cosby came out from other women, it was “painful” to her because that was not the man that she knew.

The mom of two made it clear that she does not “doubt” the claims by Cosby’s alleged victims, which include former supermodels Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson, but that they have their own stories to tell.

In her new book, It’s Never Too Late, Kathie Lee also detailed the “unusual encounter” with Cosby.

Kathie Lee briefly talked about the encounter while hosting the Today show. In 2014, as allegations against Cosby were pouring in, she revealed the fallen funnyman once attempted a liplock when they were on tour together in the 1970s, per Us Weekly.

While Kathie Lee did not give an exact timeframe for the attempted kiss, there’s a good chance both stars were both married at the time. Kathie Lee was married to Frank Gifford from 1986 until his death in 2015, and before that to Paul Johnson, from 1976 to 1982. Cosby has been married to his wife Camille since 1964.