Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson – Arrive For Lunch in Chelsea

Zara Mcdermott And Sam Thompson Arrive For Lunch In Chelsea (4)

Zara McDermott in Pink Top With Jacket and Mini Skirt With Boyfriend Sam Thompson During Arrive For Lunch in Chelsea 12-14-2020

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson stepped out in Chelsea on Monday, after enjoying a celebratory lunch to mark Zara’s 24th birthday.

The pair appeared to try keeping a low-profile, leaving off any PDA and more concerned about sheltering from the drizzly weather.

They were seen inside The Goat pub enjoying a meal before stepping out, walking along the street and jumping in cab.

Zara wore a hot pink roll-neck sweater over a black mini-skirt, black tights and boots.

She added a leather jacket with a fur-lined neck to the ensemble and swept her honeyed locks back from her features.

Sam, 28, wore a baggy T-shirt and skinny black jeans. He added a mid-length trench to the look and suede boots.

The couple were seen laughing and messing around together at the table inside before stepping out into the London rain.

They kept their distance from one another as they strolled along the street, Zara shielding her face.

After arriving back home in a cab, the pair disappeared inside Sam’s West London home.

The couple got back together last month, as MailOnline revealed.

Sam then told us that his emotional breakup with Zara – which was documented on the E4 series Made In Chelsea – has ‘humanised’ him.

He also confessed to sympathising with his ex-girlfriend after learning from his own past and being ‘the person who’s made a mistake and come back stronger.’

Sam said: ‘I believe in forgiveness. I understand the context – and I think in any walk of life you can’t move forward unless you forgive.

‘Forgiveness allows you to heal. You can only heal when you forgive the other person and get over that.

‘I would definitely say no matter what you should always try to forgive and you’ll feel better in yourself – it’s f***ing easier said than done but you’ve got to strive for that.

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