Princess Charlene of Monaco – Attend Christmas Tree Ceremony at Monaco Palace

Princess Charlene Of Monaco Attend Christmas Tree Ceremony At Monaco Palace (2)

Princess Charlene of Monaco in New  Blonde Hair Style Attend Christmas Tree Ceremony at Monaco Palace 12-16-2020

Princess Charlene of Monaco’s bold new haircut has been slammed by hairstylists who claim the ‘dreadful’ style looks as if it was done by one of her six-year-old twins.

Known for her signature blonde locks, the royal was almost unrecognisable as she debuted a dramatic half-shaved haircut on a royal outing today.

The mother-of-two’s new style features a close shave down the left side of her head, with the remaining hair dyed blonde-brown and cut in a choppy, punk-inspired style.

Speaking about the new look to FEMAIL, Brad Allen, owner of JellyFish LOS in Southend on Sea, said the 42-year-old’s style was ‘too harsh’ and ‘didn’t suit her’.

The stylist, who also works as a senior educator for celebrity hair dye brand Color Wow, added he understood why people want a new look after lockdown, but advised against getting anything as drastic as the royal adding the cut was ‘dreadful’.

‘Firstly it’s a dreadful cut. It looks like one of her six-year old twins has done it. It doesn’t suit her elfin face and delicate features at all. The colour is too harsh too. The dirty golden tones make her overall blonde look dull and unflattering.

‘I really loved the simplicity of her former cut, and her ash blonde tones.

‘I’m all for change and having fun with your locks but she’s gone from elegant and classy to royal c*** up!’

It is possible that Charlene – like many others – decided to undergo a makeover while in lockdown, with another hair expert telling FEMAIL that a lot of people have opted for shorter styles during the pandemic because it gives them a sense of ‘freedom’.

‘If she loves it – so do I!’ CEO of Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing Abra McField said.

‘A lot of my clients are taking this time in quarantine to rock new looks – it’s freeing.

‘People are going after what they really want and following their own style. I say good for her!’

The royal showed off her bold new look as she joined her husband Prince Albert, 60, and their six-year-old son Jacques to hand out Christmas presents in Monaco.

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