LeAnn Rimes – Wins 4 Season of The Masked Singer

LeAnn Rimes removes Sun mask – Wins 4 Season of The Masked Singer 12-16-2020

LeAnn Rimes won season 4 of The Masked Singer on Wednesday after performing as the Sun on the hit Fox Show.


LeAnn after removing her Sun mask told show host Nick Cannon, 40, that participating on the show was an ‘overwhelming experience’.

‘I didn’t expect this to be this much work, I have to say. …I was thinking like, ”Oh, come on. This will be easy. This will be fun.” And it was a blast,’ said the Grammy-winning singer.

‘I’ve totally been brought back to when I was a kid. And I remember I was five years old when I told everyone I wanted to sing. And I’ve always wondered, like, how I knew at that age that I wanted to sing. And I kind of discovered it again behind this mask, and it was to give and receive love. And that’s, like, totally what happened,’ LeAnn added.

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