Geri Horner – Delivers Christmas Gift to NHS Workers

Geri Horner Delivers Christmas Gift To Nhs Workers (2)

Geri Horner in Winter Coat During Delivers Christmas Gift to NHS Workers 12-20-2020

Geri Horner delivered Christmas presents to NHS workers on the Covid frontline on her recent episode of YouTube series Rainbow Woman on Sunday.

The Spice Girls star, 48, visited London’s Whittington Hospital earlier in December where she met with staff who have worked tirelessly during the coronavirus crisis.

At the start of the episode, which was filmed earlier this month before London was put into Tier 4, Geri said NHS workers deserve ‘appreciation, kindness and love’.

The star continued: ‘Today’s not about me. It’s about some amazing people that deserve appreciation, kindness and love, and we’re going to go and share it with them.

‘I’m actually reminded of the goodness of humanity, that actually human beings are good people. They really are. When you meet someone that has been really kind, you think, “Oh God, there’s me moaning about my own stuff”.

‘For this moment, it puts it all into perspective. They go above and beyond every day, they just do. So today is about acknowledging that.’

Geri thoughtfully added: ‘In life, we can all get a little bit complacent, take things for granted… we can lose touch with what’s real, what’s important.’

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