Nina Dobrev with Shaun White celebrates Christmas

Nina Dobrev With Shaun White Celebrates Christmas Instagram Photos 12 25 2020 (1)

Nina Dobrev with Shaun White celebrates Christmas – Instagram Photos 12-25-2020

Nina Dobrev took to Instagram Thursday showing off the romantic first pic she ever snapped alongside her beau, Shaun White.

Nina, 31, posted the shot on Instagram Stories as part of a trending social media game called ‘Post a photo of…,’ and she was asked by a follower to share her first picture with the Olympian.

A source in May told E! News that ‘after spending weeks together during quarantine, Nina and Shaun have made it clear to their friends that they are a serious couple.’

‘Nina doesn’t take sharing her personal life very lightly, but it shows how happy and secure she is with Shaun and their relationship that she is willing to take this step.’

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