Lottie Moss – Workout at a Park in London

Lottie Moss in Sport Bra and Leggings During Workout at a Park in London 12-30-2020

Lottie Moss was seen exercising in a nude sports bra and leggings as she worked up a sweat on Wednesday.

The fitness session is her first known public outing since she apologised earlier this month for her ‘insensitive’ video about ‘coronavirus super-spreading.’

Lottie, 22, who’s the younger half-sister of Kate Moss, 46, was photographed in the active wear from Pretty Little Thing, following regret over her drunken video that she later admitted was a ‘dumb’ move.

The model showcased her slim figure in the set that she paired with red Nike trainers and a designer Vivienne Westwood necklace.

She also revealed her many tattoos, including an image of a cartoon kitten and a rose, as she braved the cold temperatures in a London park.

Lottie, who wore her pink hair in a ponytail, put her fitness to the test just weeks after filming herself kissing two female friends and claiming she was a ‘coronavirus super-spreader.’

The clip was broadcast during an Instagram Live when London was in Tier 2 and social distancing, as well as wearing masks, was very much a requirement.

‘I was out for dinner with four friends, three of which are in the same household and under the government guidelines – as I live alone – I am allowed a support bubble of four.

‘I understand this has upset and offended a lot of people and I want to apologise for making such an insensitive joke.

‘I am still young and dumb and learning. I sometimes forget that I am a public figure and during these crazy and uncertain times I should have been more careful with my words.’

Lottie appears to be moving on from the error in judgement by focusing on her health and fitness as she goes into the New Year.