Christie Brinkley in Bikini on the Beach in Paris

Christie Brinkley in Bikini on the Beach in Paris 01-07-2021

Christie Brinkley proved once again that age is nothing but a number as she posed in a stunning bikini to raise awareness for a heartfelt cause.

The 66-year-old is currently enjoying a dreamy beach vacation, and on Thursday she wowed her fans with her latest snapshot.

Standing on the beach wearing a red and white patterned bikini top and a red jacket tied around her waist, Christie showed off a hint of her toned stomach and endless legs.

“Beautiful pictures,” commented one follower. “I love your images so so much Christie,” gushed another. A third added: “The sea is just as beautiful as you are.”

She wrote: “Tide pools, coral reefs, sea life, coastal Flora facing extinction like the local Thatch Palms here, threatened by rising tides …all things we can help save now by rejoining the Paris Accord.

“These things are all an integral part of a strong economy as they provide livelihoods from tourism to fishing. Everything’s connected. I hope a part of our healing as a Nation is healing our planet too.”

Earlier this week, Christie revealed that she secretly underwent hip replacement surgery in November as she posed on the edge of a boat wearing a black swimsuit.