Miley Cyrus – Shoot Music Video on The Beach in Malibu

Miley Cyrus in Purple Top and Trousers During Shoot Music Video on The Beach in Malibu 01-18-2021

Miley Cyrus was spotted filming for an upcoming music video at a beach in Malibu on Monday afternoon.

The 28-year-old Tennessee born singer appeared to be enjoying the shoot as she frolicked in the sand and waves in front of the video’s production crew.

The songwriter normally wears lingerie or risque looks for her shoots, but this time she was fully clothed in winter fashion with her bleached mullet nicely styled.

The Wrecking Ball singer was spotted wearing a deep purple blouse featuring a high neckline to contrast her platinum blonde hair.

She was also seen in a pair of high-waisted and wide-legged plaid pants that flowed in the ocean breeze.

The hitmaker accessorized with a red-and-green scarf along with matching bracelets; she also wore a number of rings on both hands.

Cyrus remained barefooted for the shoot, while other members of the crew wore terrain-appropriate footwear.

Two of the rings that she prominently displayed during the shoot bore her initials.

Although she was not seen wearing a face mask during the video shoot, other members of the production crew did.

At one point during the video’s production, Cyrus was seen standing on one leg and flexing her biceps for the camera while making a fake grimace.

Afterwards, the songwriter was spotted playing with a large white poodle, which the dog seemed to enjoy very much.

In between shots, the singer interacted with the crew and appeared to be in an upbeat mood as she joked around with members of the production team.

A member of the crew was spotted holding a large umbrella over Cyrus’ head to shield her from the glaring California sun.

When it was time for the shooting to change location, the songwriter hopped in a rental cart and drove across the sand to a parking lot next to the beach.

She did not bother putting on shoes as she made her way across the blazing concrete.

The Disney Channel alum’s latest album, entitled Plastic Hearts, made its debut on November 27th.

The LP’s release was preceded by two singles, which hit the airwaves in mid-August and late November, not long before the rest of the songs were made available to the public.

Plastic Hearts’ rock-oriented sound was partially a response to the mixed commercial reviews received by her previous album, entitled Younger Now.

Cyrus collaborated with a number of different artists during the recording of her seventh full-length release, including British pop singer Dua Lipa and 80’s legends Billy Idol and Joan Jett.