Maura Higgins in Mini Red Dress – Instagram Posts

Maura Higgins in Mini Red Dress in New Instagram Posts 01-21-2021

Maura Higgins has revealed she has been ‘flooded’ with abusive messages from internet trolls who have accused her of editing her social media posts.

The former Love Island star, 30, shared the same photo of herself before and after she changed the lighting after people accused her of ‘smoothing’ and enhancing her eyes in pictures.

The Irish beauty wrote a lengthy message asking her followers to ‘be kind’ and think twice before sending people hurtful comments.

She wrote: ‘Slide for this original image & then look at the last image where lighting, angles etc are all wrong. My DMs are just flooded with trolls atm claiming I over use the smooth tool & enhance my eyeballs!

‘Should I really apologise for having good skin, really? And the trick to making your eyes pop is just good lighting and “white eyeliner” I like to just up the brightness and detail my outfit!

‘The pressure’s of social media can really affect people so maybe think twice about jumping into somebody’s DMs with abuse about their image.

‘You really don’t know what is going on in a person’s life so please just BE KIND, it costs nothing!’

Maura looked incredible in the photo as she donned bright red lingerie with a lace detail that highlighted her stunning figure.

The reality star styled her brunette locks into an updo and also sported a pair of gold hoop earrings.

Maura showed how she slightly changed the lighting on the photos before she uploaded a third snap of herself pulling a silly face to demonstrate the power of lighting and angles.

The star’s post comes after her boyfriend Chris Taylor joked about the couple getting married one day, but they can’t make up their minds on when it will be.

The couple took part in a fun Q&A with Maura’s followers when they were asked if they had any plans to tie the knot.

Although they only confirmed their romance in November after months of speculation, it appears the couple have already thought about getting hitched.

Reading the fan question, Maura said to her boyfriend: ‘When are we getting married, Chris?’