Louise Linton plays murderous in film ‘Me, You, Madness’

The 40-year-old actress Louise Linton and wife of former U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has released the trailer for the film “Me You Madness,” which she wrote and directed. She also stars in the flick.

Me You Madness” will see Linton play Catherine Black, a hedge-fund manager with cash to burn and a playgirl lifestyle, creating a life for herself that she calls “incredible” in the trailer.

Then, along comes a man for whom she falls head-over-heels.

In typical Hollywood fashion, the man, Ed Westwick’s Tyler Jones, breaks Catherine’s heart, leaving her scorned.

“How did I not see it coming?” Catherine asks. “You thieving little twit.”

The heartbreak sends her on a rampage in an effort to get revenge on Tyler.

“I think I’m going to disembowel this kid and kill him,” she states plainly in the trailer.

Next, Catherine tracks Tyler down on what appears to be a number of occasions and attacks him with knives, a curling iron, a shattered wine glass and more.

“I’m madly in love with you,” Tyler confesses.

“I really appreciate that,” Catherine responds, dropping a crossbow to the ground. However, the weapon fires, and Tyler is shot.

At the end of the trailer, Catherine and Tyler sit next to one another on a couch, beaten and bloodied.

“Maybe we should get married,” they say in unison.

The movie comes after Linton drew criticism a number of times while her husband was in office.

For the actress, making “You Me Madness” gave her an “extraordinary sense of freedom and fun.”

“You Me Madness” will be available to stream on demand on Feb. 12.