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Gabby Allen In Bikini Instagram Posts (2)

Gabby Allen in Grey and Yellow Bikini in Instagram Posts 02-03-2021

She’s one of many stars who jetted to Dubai despite new COVID-19 restrictions and it’s not clear if she has returned home to the UK yet amid the travel ban.

And Gabby Allen shared a series of bikini snaps she shared with fans following mounting criticism over influencers travelling abroad during the pandemic.

The Love Island star, 28, slipped into a grey and neon yellow two-piece as she shared the photos which were taken recently, with her 1.1million followers on Wednesday.

The star left nothing to the imagination as she posed in the sizzling snaps and showed off her golden tan.

She flaunted every inch of her toned physique as she wore her thong bikini bottoms pulled up high to show off her bottom.

The blonde beauty let her body do the talking and kept her hair and makeup natural, styling her short tresses in a casual beach vibe.

In one snap, the Liverpudlian beauty faced the camera and showed off her toned stomach as she held the sides of her bikini bottoms.

The star captioned the series of snaps: ‘Any fellow Aquarian’s up in here?’, adding an Aquarius emoji alongside a birthday cake and ‘>>’ to signify that its great.

She proudly flaunting her toned physique as she showed off some of her best poses in a recent Instagram video.

In the caption Gabby explained that despite the image she portrays online she has ‘little to no waist’ and so tries to add some curves through the way she stands.

She wrote: ‘ANGLES, we all have our favourite stance or pose when getting a photo, even a favourite side etc, including myself! We want to upload photos that we feel confident in and welcome comments appreciating how good we look, of course!

‘Not much Kim K curve going on around here! But I work out and try hard make the best of what I do have!

‘(A lot of abductor work to build the side of my glutes and a lot of ab work for some definition even if it’s not a 26 inch waist!).

‘I’m lucky I have good volume in my glute max so at least a stick out at the back BRINGING ME TO ANGLES! I have learnt to stand in a way that makes it look like I have a (tiny) bit of [hourglass] as have many others!

‘Instagram is mostly what people WANT you to see, not how things actually appears… I do believe this platform is improving with more people posting body positive stuff and I’m only just starting so I’m not trying to preach at all!

‘So many people do it better than me! (Tagged in post) but I’m trying to do my bit too. And Karen, I’m NOT saying I look bad, I’m saying there’s a difference between posed and not posed.’

Travel abroad is now banned from the UK without a legally permitted reason, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced last week.

From 13:00 on Friday, the United Arab Emirates was added to the red-list, meaning anyone in Dubai would have to quarantine on their return to the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel criticised those who have been holidaying in the sun when they have been told to stay at home.

In addition, people coming from countries on the UK’s ‘red-list’ have been banned from entry, except for British and Irish nationals who are required to self-isolate in government-provided accommodation for 10 days upon their return.

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