Halle Berry – Wardrobe Malfunction on Instagram Live

Halle Berry Wardrobe Malfunction On Instagram Live 02 11 2021

Halle Berry – Wardrobe Malfunction on Instagram Live 02-11-2021

Halle Berry says she just had her “Janet Jackson” moment when a surprise wardrobe malfunction revealed more than the “Swordfish” star had intended for her audience.

It all went down on the newest episode of Berry’s Instagram Live show, “Bad & Booshy,” with her friend and stylist, Lindsay Flores.

The sixth episode of Halle Berry’s social media show dealt with the topic of pregnancy, and included very graphic descriptions of the physical challenges both Halle and Lindsay experienced while pregnant.

She was not selling anything short, as the “Monster Ball” star’s curvy assets begin creeping for freedom around the 2 minute mark in the video.

While Berry is discussing her OBGYN, her shirt gives way and leads to a bit of exposure.

“Oh, sh-t!” Halle Berry yells when she realizes what has happened during the recording.

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