Ariana Grande Poses In Black Lace Lingerie To Promote Her Steamy New Music Video

Ariana Grande Poses In Black Lace Lingerie To Promote Her Steamy New Music Video

Ariana Grande caught some viral attention this weekend for a racy post promoting her newest project.

The singer took to Instagram to upload a series of pictures that showed her wearing black lace lingerie and posing alongside collaborators Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat, who were also clad in some skimpy attire. The post promoted the new remix of Grande’s song, “34+35,” which was released to much acclaim.

Grande leaned on a metal pole and shot a sultry look at the camera in the first image, standing beside her co-stars who got a shout-out in the caption. The series included other images of the stars having fun on set.

Grande has been sharing a series of images from the music video, including one earlier in the week that showed her wearing the same black lingerie and posing seductively on a staircase. Another short clip showed the three dancing together in their revealing attire.

The newest series caught some attention, racking up more than 5.5 million likes and more than 18,000 comments, most of them complimenting Grande and her pals for their racy looks.

“EVERYTHING! Y’all look so beautiful!” one person wrote.

Grande’s outfit has also gotten some big attention. As Cosmopolitan reported, the entire ensemble is somewhat attainable, with the lace teddy coming from Victoria’s Secret. Her look had some special alterations from a noted stylist, the outlet added.

“For the vid, stylist Mimi Cuttrell added high-waisted black underwear from Fleur du Mal, so that the bottom of the bodysuit wasn’t completely see-through,” the report noted.

The music video itself was even more popular than the social media updates. As UPI reported, it was posted to YouTube on Friday and by early Saturday had already accumulated more than 13 million views, reaching No. 1 on the site’s trending list. The 4-minute clip was directed by Stephan Kohli and showed the three women having a sleepover at a luxurious hotel and lounging by the pool.

As the report noted, some other stars wanted to get in on the fun, including actress Kerry Washington, who photoshopped a picture of herself sipping champagne and posing alongside the trio. She tweeted the image to Grande, who responded by writing “omg” and including a series of heart and crying emoji.

The original version of the song was featured on Grande’s newest album, Positions, and has reached No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart. The single of the remix was released back in January, with the much-anticipated video finally coming out this week.

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