Harper Grae Reflects On Her Miscarriage In The Poignant County Ballad ‘Still Your Mother’

Rising country star Harper Grae opens up about the deeply personal experience of losing a child in her new song, ‘Still Your Mother.’

Still Your Mother” is a song that only Harper Grae could have written. Out today (March 19), the powerful ballad sees the singer speak about her first child, a son she tragically lost due to a late-term miscarriage. It’s a deeply personal experience, one that affects Harper to this day. “They think I should be past it / but there’s a pain they can’t see / cause when April showers bring May flowers / It’s still Happy Mother’s Day to me,” she sings. It’s a thought-provoking song, one that helps those who haven’t (or those who could never) experience something similar know what Harper has gone through.

” ‘Still Your Mother; is a song so deeply ingrained in my heart,” she tells HollywoodLife, “it took me over a decade to be comfortable to write and share my experience with the world.” Harper is also offering listeners a chance to honor their own rainbow babies. They can submit their own story at stillyourmother.com, and select photos will be part of the official “Still Your Mother” video. “Getting pregnant doesn’t always go as planned,” she says on the website,” and it can be difficult to hold active grief and hope simultaneously. It took me years to share my miscarriage experience, but I hope this song connects with others who have similar stories to mine.”

Harper Grae (Thomas Crabtree)

There is a happy ending, however: Harper announced that she and her wife, Dawn, are expecting! “we will be expecting a little boy or girl into this world, summer 2021,” she told PEOPLE. “I have been nervous every step of the way, as I am sure many mothers whom after having had a miscarriage can relate. Every doctor’s appointment, every trip to the bathroom, every workout, every meal — I am overly cautious.”

Harper Grae, pregnant in 2021 (Chelsea Thompson of Dire Image)

“Still Your Mother” is Harper’s second single of the year. “Caviar and Bars,” released in January, is an “uptempo, fun and upbeat” song that celebrates the hard-working folks in the bartending industry. Along with this raucous romp of a country banger, Harper has broken barriers and made history. CMT named her as part of this year’s class of Next Women Of Country. Along with Harper, the Class of 2021 includes Pricilla Block, Brittney Spencer, Reyna Roberts, Mackenzie Porter, Tennille Arts, Ashland Craft, Sacha, and trio Chapel Hart. She’s the first openly gay woman in the class, and as she continues to lead the next generation of country stars, she ensures that she won’t be the last.

Harper has been making a name for herself for a minute now. She was the featured performer during the 2019 Iron Bowl halftime show. That year, she released her powerful single, “Wear A Dress.”  The events of 2020 may have slowed her ascent to the top of the country world, but it didn’t stop her from releasing a handful of incredible songs, including “Muddy Water,” “Love You Anyway,” and an acoustic version of “Best For You.” 2021 promises to be a big year for Harper, with many exciting releases on the way.