Melissa Suffield – Shows off Her Post Baby Body

Melissa Suffield Shows off Her Post Baby Body in Lingerie on Her Instagram Posts

Melissa Suffield won praise from her fans on Saturday morning, when she uploaded unedited snaps of herself posing in sizzling white lingerie.

The former EastEnders star, 28, gave birth to her son River exactly one year ago, and has been keeping her followers updated on her postpartum body in candid posts.

And the actress was told she looked ‘incredible’, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘amazing’ on Saturday, when she posed for the new lingerie images as part of a sponsored post.

The screen star, who shares her son with fiancé Robert Brendan, captioned her post: ‘Finishing breastfeeding after a year, I’m like OH HEY BODY, WELCOME BACK.

‘It feels good to know I can start to concentrate on myself again, and take back some ownership after pregnancy and pumping. Starting on making little daily changes, whether that’s an extra caffeinated coffee, or underwear that isn’t for feeding a baby.’

She concluded: ‘Who knows where my body is going to go from now, but I’m all about doing what I can to make myself feel good TODAY. And getting out of crop tops and maternity pants is certainly a good place to start.’

When one fan commented that she looked ‘amazing’ in the Beija London lingerie, Melissa responded: ‘Thanks! It definitely helps being hoisted in and up correctly! Can 100% still fit a load of pencils under my belly overhang.’

The day before, she shared a heartwarming snaps of her adorable son as they enjoyed their together, from him playing in his crib to having his hair washed.

Since giving birth, Melissa has shared a number of heartfelt posts about her experiences as a new mother, as well as adjusting to her changed physique.

Last month, the actress shared her belief that readjusting and getting used to the changes in her body since giving birth could take a ‘mental toll’.

She told how keeping fit is ‘going to be quite a long journey’ for her. Describing her body as ‘broken’, she said she is ‘trying to be kinder to’ herself and is ‘not giving up’.

The actress shared a photo of herself in a grey crop top and black leggings as she posed on the ground alongside her son.

She wrote: ‘River there, doing the yoga that I keep saying I’ll get back into doing (swipe. He’s absolutely obsessed with doing this and some day soon the kid is going to go full roly poly).

‘Fitness is going to be quite a long journey I think. Working through understanding what used to be a dancers body, and is now comparatively, quite a broken body, is taking a physical and mental toll.

‘It’s not as simple as throwing on my trainers and having a go at couch to 5k- every step I take is measured, to make sure I never push myself so hard that it compromises my parenting, but still work hard enough to heal the parts of me that need fixing.

‘I started the @mamawelluk method last week and although I cried genuine tears at how difficult I found something that just a couple of years ago wouldn’t have even broken a sweat, I still feel positive about making a change and the programme really is excellent.

‘It’s so easy to feel defeated when my fitness was so good before, but I’m not giving up. Just trying to be kinder to myself and allow me the time I need. Baby steps.’

It comes after the soap star recently hit back at a troll after they cruelly criticised her post-baby figure.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Melissa shared a heartless comment from a troll who wrote ‘ugh’ and left a vomiting emoji under the snap of her post-baby body.

Stating that criticism was ‘classic and expected’, Melissa went on to say that she would usually block and report trolls without question as they were not ‘worth my time’, but this particular comment ‘got me a little’.

Observing the commenter’s profile picture, she wrote: ‘2 kids in that profile picture, one of which is a young girl. And not only do you feel that way about a woman’s body, but you’ve taken the time out to comment and let her know just how disgusting you find her.

‘And you’re raising a daughter, who will learn her worth from her parents. And a son who will emulate how you treat women. What a b****y shame.’

In another message, the thespian went on to defiantly declare that she wont let trolls stop her from posting what she wants, while also praising those who related to her latest post.