Yanet Garcia joined OnlyFans

World's Hottest Weather Girl Aka Yanet Garcia Just Announced That She's Going To Be  joined Onlyfans.

“World’s Hottest Weather Girl” aka Yanet Garcia just announced that she’s going to be  joined OnlyFans.

Garcia began trending on social media on Monday, April 19, after her followers learned the attractive weather anchor joined OnlyFans.

On Sunday, April 18, Garcia tweeted, “I just sent a private video to my Only Fans, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next one.”

“Welcome to my OnlyFans. Subscribe to my OnlyFans for exclusive content,” she briefly addressed her 13.7 million followers in the caption of an announcement video. Over 1 million people liked the post in under 24 hours.

One commenter joked it was the “best day of (their) life” when they subscribed, per the Daily Star. Another said, “Wow! I never thought you would join but here as always supporting you in 100% of your projects.” A third said, “I was waiting for this day for my whole life.”