Guests of PH Podemos Hablar: a famous woman returns to television after a personal tragedy

The list of guests of PH, we can talk of Saturday, May 29, 2021 was confirmed, and in advance it is known that Andy Kusnetzoff you will surely have a heartbreaking testimony on the screen of Telefe, as Sofia Zamolo returns to television for the first time since the painful death of his mother.

Maria Cristina Guerrero, the mother of the model and driver, died in February 2021 after suffering liver and pancreas cancer, and his daughter did not provide many statements about the tragedy that he had to go through beyond the senses messages that he shares on his social networks.

However, Zámolo also had an important reason to smile in recent months: his daughter, California, born on October 29, 2020, as a result of her relationship with the employer Jose Felix Uriburu.

Taking into account the profile of Andy Kusnetzoff’s program and the countless testimonies and tears that have been shed in it, surely some of the questions of the meeting point will lead to the duel that Sofia is still going through.

The other guests of PH, we can talk are the order of the day with the news and the main workhorse of Telefe in the rating, el reality MasterChef Celebrity 2, since they will go Carmen Barbieri Y Juanse.

Two other figures from the station will also participate: Fields, which is part of Team flower, Y Roberto Moldavsky, who accompanies Lizy Tagliani in Done deal.

The guests of PH, We Can Talk in 2021

Saturday March 20

  • Leonardo Sbaraglia
  • Carolina Pampita Ardohain
  • Dr. Alberto Cormillot
  • Victoria Xipolitakis
  • Rodolfo Barili

Saturday March 27

  • Moria Casán
  • Leticia Siciliani
  • Soledad Fandiño
  • Jonah Gutierrez
  • Rocio Quiroz

Saturday April 3

  • Luciano Castro placeholder image
  • Brenda Gandini
  • Maria Julia Oliván
  • Belén French
  • Juan Marconi

Saturday April 10

  • Luis Novaresio
  • Sabrina rojas
  • Nicolas Magaldi
  • Gladys The bomb Tucumana
  • Mercedes Scápola

Saturday April 17

  • Luis Ventura
  • Agustina fighter
  • Federico Bal
  • Cecilia Dopazo
  • Cazzu

Saturday April 24

  • Damien de Santo
  • Sebastian Wainraich
  • Diego Perez
  • Nati Jota
  • Angela Torres

Saturday May 1st

  • Nacha guevara
  • Santi Maratea
  • Mercedes funes
  • Marcelo polino
  • “Toti” Ciliberto

Saturday May 8

  • Paulo Vilouta
  • Sofia Gala Castiglione
  • Andrea Rincon
  • Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán

Saturday 15 May

  • Horacio Cabak
  • Lizy Tagliani
  • Dani La Chepi
  • Carlos Nair Menem Junior
  • Pia Slapka

Saturday May 22

  • Arturo Puig
  • Pamela david
  • Paulina Kitchen
  • But Sergi
  • Johanna “Yoyi” Francella

Saturday May 29

  • Fields
  • Roberto Moldavsky
  • Carmen Barbieri
  • Juanse
  • Sofia Zamolo



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