Using excerpts from songs without the composer’s permission can be expensive, even if 14 years later. Which is Your Jorge has been accused, since 2007, by the composer’s family Mario Lago (1911-2002). The singer lost another chapter of the court battle for the misuse of excerpts from the song “Ai que saudade da Amélia” in the song “Mania de peitão”, according to the Newspaper O Globo.

According to the family, in 2004, Seu Jorge used two samba stanzas without authorization, with lyrics by Mário Lago and music by Ataulfo ​​Alves. The instant that ended up in the courts starts at 52 seconds of recording and continues up to 1 minute and 26 seconds. After appealing the decision given in the lower court, which ordered him to pay R$ 500 thousand to the heirs of Lago, in 2019, Seu Jorge was again ordered to indemnify the family in the same amount.

Also according to the publication, the Court understood that two excerpts from Lago’s song were used by Seu Jorge without authorization in “Mania de peitão”, which appears on the album “Cru” and on the DVDs “Seu Jorge” and “Live in Montreux ”. The process also includes the label Universal Music it’s at Cafuné Productions as defendant. The decision was taken last Friday (28) by the 29th Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro and is still subject to appeal.

Watch Seu Jorge’s performance on Live in Montreaux, in 2005:

In time…

Another recent case that brought talk in the market happened with the singer little grandson, whose name was involved in a controversy after he decided to present the song “Milla” in a pro-Bolsonaro in São Paulo at the beginning of the month. The author of the song, Manno Goes, criticized the attitude and went to court to ask that all videos showing the scene be removed from the air.

The carnival hit “Milla” became very famous in the 90s, but in recent times it has been used by crowds that rally in favor of the President of the Republic, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Manno Goés, in turn, spoke out about the situation, forbidding Netinho to sing the song again.

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