Since the release of the song “Possible” by Belqis and Saif Nabil on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, it has been a great success on YouTube.

The clip “May” has achieved 23 million views so far, so why all the fuss?

– The clip “Impossible” is the first for Belqis after divorce and khul’ issues with her husband.

– Many romantic scenes that brought together Balqis and Saif Nabil.

– Belqis and Saif Nabil have a wide audience, and each of them has many views on his latest clips.

– During the clip, a special chemistry appeared between Bilqis and Saif Nabil. The spirit of harmony was clear between them.

Filming the clip came in an unexpected way, and it was interspersed with many fantasy shots.

The song “Momkan” is written by Saif Al-Fares and composed by Saif Nabil.

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