Hristo Kidikov was shocked that he would not live … PHOTO

Hristo Kidikov is deeply saddened by the fact that he was not included in the list of singers who will receive an award for special merits from the Ministry of Culture.

People close to the artist, who is currently actively recording songs for his next new album and has not lost his desire to work, say that he is shocked by the disrespect that he certainly did not deserve from those in power.

Shock! Hristo Kidikov was also removed from the list of pensions! PHOTO

“He has proven himself for years and it is a shame to be” missed “on this list!” .

As it is known, since the start of the pandemic, the native artists have been in great financial difficulties due to the lack of commitments and participation. Now that the measures are starting to be granted only one at a time, the situation seems a more acceptable idea, but the months of losses cannot be compensated.

The fact is that half a year has passed since the promised BGN 400 for pop singers, and they do not live as comfortably and carefree as many probably think.

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This is not the first time that Hristo Kidikov has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Culture. As it is known – in February he was not included in the initial list because he was forgotten by the then Minister Boil Banov. He later apologized to him and was added. His resentment, however, remains on the agenda. And not only to him, but also to a number of his colleagues./

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