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One of the biggest hitmakers of the new generation of the sertanejo, Tierry threw himself into suffering while recording his new DVD, entitled “The Father of Children”, which took place last Friday (28), in Goiânia. In addition to the singer’s new hits, the production brings partnerships with Maiara & Maraisa, Zé Vaqueiro, Gabi Martin – who, by the way, is the boy’s girlfriend -, and Jorge, of the duo with Matheus,

Tierry and Gabi Martins. Photo: Disclosure

The live record comes with reference to the sufferers on duty, who associate Tierry’s songs with a way of healing to soothe the hurts. Still no release date, the show featured 16 unreleased tracks, and was recorded without an audience in a shed transformed into a bar.

“I really wanted to bring the bar universe to my DVD, which is always a place to suffer, drink and cry. We conceived the whole concept and, thus, the record came out”, says the singer and composer.

Tierry and Maiara and Maraisa. Photo: Disclosure

The repertoire has the signature of Tierry, who writes, in a minute, with all the letters, for every type of situation. Spoiler alert! On the setlis comes: “Máquina Zero”, “Raining in My Cheek” (With Jorge and account of that longing that always hurts on Friday and the proximity to the weekend), “Until I meet you”, “Iphone 11“ , “Learn to end the fight” (the story of him and the singer Gabi Martins, when the couple fought – the feat is with Maiara & Maraisa).

Tierry and George. Photo: Disclosure

Then the suffering continues with “Chorei no Cabaré”, “X Videos”, “Soldado Abatido” (with a duet by Gabi Martins), “Dois Mil and Semper”, “Me cheira”, “Passa o Coração” (with Zé Vaqueiro ), “A gel goes down”, “Yes I will”, “Head White”, “Don’t miss a story of mine” and “The father’s off”.

“After the success of ‘Rita’ and ‘Disco Arranhado’, I’m sure that ‘O Pai das Crianças’ will crown, more and more, my career. The public has identified with my work, my songs, my essence. It’s my simple and fun way of talking about betrayal, horns, disagreements and that Brazil embraced”, adds Tierry.

Tierry and Zé Vaqueiro. Photo: Disclosure

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