After years of confusion for their fans about the reality of what happened between them that made their strong relationship not as it was, the singer Elissa confirmed the validity of the news spread about her revival of a concert with singer Wael Kfoury.

Elissa republished a post announcing her revival of a concert with Wael Kfoury in Saudi Arabia on June 17th.


It is reported that years ago, Elisa and Wael Kfoury were tense without giving reasons to the public, and after she underwent a lumpectomy, in 2018, she confirmed that he did not ask about her, and he replied that he did not know!

Video- For this reason, Wael Kfoury did not congratulate Elissa on her recovery from cancer

In 2019, Elissa confirmed that she does not communicate with him, but he remains dear to her heart and loves him.

And in 2020, with the release of Elisa’s clip, “Hengni Violin and Violin” with Haifa Wehbe, Kfoury gave them a blessing on social media.

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