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03. June 2021 – 14:12 Clock

Christian and Bettina Wulff dare to make love comeback no.3

It is unbelievable! Ex-Federal President Christian Wulff (61) and his wife Bettina (47) lead the most famous on-off relationship in Germany. After two years of separation, during which the 47-year-old was in a relationship with Jan-Henrik Behnke, the two have now officially pressed the “On” switch again. Bettina revealed her third love comeback in an interview with the Hanover newspaper “Neue Presse” and was interviewed by a reporter. In our video, the journalist reveals how the former “First Lady” worked when talking about her new love.

Everyday family life with the Wulffs

Christian and Bettina Wulff give their love one more chance. An opportunity that not only changes the lives of the married couple by 180 degrees. Linus (13), the couple’s son, also feels the love happiness of his parents

Linus has to get used to the new “old” situation

The “Neue Presse” reports: “A new situation for both sides: Suddenly mom and dad, or at least one of them, are always at home. That too is unusual – and the children sometimes get annoyed by us.” It seems as if everyday family life with the Wulffs is back to normal.

In the video below you can see the first couple selfie of the newly-in love. (lkr)


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