Damien Betular’s farewell to Agustina Fontenla from Bake Off

Damien Betular, jury of MasterChef Celebrity 2 who also played that role in Bake Off Argentina, dismissed with great pain Agustina Fontenla, the former participant of the pastry reality show that He died at the age of 31 as a result of Covid-19.

The baker used his stories from Instagram to display an image of the civil lawyer native of the province of Black river being authentic and showing itself as it did in the second season of the show Telefe in early 2020.

Along with a picture of Agus Fontenla smiling and whipping a cream, Betular just added the emoji of a heart to express the love he felt for her during the time they shared in Bake Off Argentina.

The publication of Damián Betular after the death of Agustina Fontenla

The day that Damián Betular compared himself to Agustina Fontenla in Bake Off

It was when Agus became the last eliminated from the pastry reality show before the grand finale.

Fontenla shared a heartfelt reflection on everything he learned in the kitchen, and Damián was moved along with his fellow jury members, Pamela Villar Y Christophe krywonis.

I am excited because I am from the interior and I also know what things cost “Betular told Agus, also recommending that he dedicate himself to 100% pastry making and “save the lawyer.”

“I appreciate that you have stopped by here, it is a huge thank you,” said the cook to the participant.

While Agus Fontenla was from West San Antonio, Río Negro province, Betular is from Dolores, province of Buenos Aires, and in addition to being known for his participation in MasterChef, Bake Off Y The Grand Prize of the Kitchen (El Trece), is the hotel’s main chef Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires and the executive pastry chef of Duhau Pastry.

The farewell of Paula Chaves to Agus Fontenla

“Goodbye Agus … RIP. A big kiss and hug to his family and friends. What sad news,” he said. Paula Chaves, conductor of Bake Off Argentina, the great pastry chef, via Twitter.

paula chaves agus fontenla 0603
Paula Chaves’ message for the death of Agus de Bake Off

Agustina Fontenla died at the age of 31 in the Viedma Clinic of the Rio Negro capital, after having been admitted to intensive care due to the complications caused by the coronavirus.


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