The new GZSZ face comes to the Kolle-Kiez with a cooking show


Stella is a TV producer on a cooking show

Stella: “I feel very well taken care of in the GZSZ family!”

Soon Stella will cause a sensation in her role as TV producer Svenja with her sympathetic, fun-loving and determined manner. Stella herself reveals about her role: “Svenja will not only stir up the ‘Kolle-Kiez’ with her cooking show, but also turn the head of a well-known ‘celebrity chef’.” That sounds very promising. Stella is totally happy to be part of the GZSZ team now. “I have a lot of fun and feel very well looked after and at ease in the GZSZ family,” said the 41-year-old.

The actress is no stranger to the TV world. She has already played in “Lindenstrasse” or “Tatort” and has appeared on various European theater stages.

The TV premiere of Stella Denis-Winkler as “Svenja Steiner” is in episode 7,299 on July 14, 2021 at 7:40 pm. The episode can be seen seven days in advance on TVNOW.

More video highlights about GZSZ can be found here:


Whole episodes of GZSZ are available up to seven days before the TV broadcast to be seen on TVNOW. Older episodes of the series are also available there.


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