Luan Santana travels with Natália Barulich to Trancoso after recording the video ‘Morena’, says column

Luan Santana and model Natália Barulich are passing together the holiday of Corpus Christi in Trancoso, Bahia, according to columnist Leo Dias, from the portal “Metrópoles”. Maluma’s ex-girlfriend, the influencer starred in the video “Morena”, alongside the country singer and during the recording she almost exchanged kisses with the artist. O Purepeople he sought out Luan’s press office, but didn’t get a response until this story was closed.

In the scenes of “Morena”, which would have the participation of Juliette, now new hired by Globo, Luan plays a detective, paired with the character played by Natália. In her Stories, the model posted a sign confirming that she is in the city of Bahia. Luan already shared a video made by him on a beach.

The countryman has been officially single since 2020 when he ended his engagement with Jade Magalhães. Since the end of the relationship, Luan has been named as an affair of Giulia Be, Mariana Rios and Izabel Cunha, with whom he was photographed in a mall.

Model attributed the breakup with Maluma to ‘toxic relationship’

Natália and Maluma dated for two years until 2019, and in an interview with “GQ” she explained the reason for the separation. “I loved him deeply and when you’re in love things go blind. I don’t say I regret it, but I was blind knowing I was in a toxic relationship and I hadn’t accepted it, didn’t love me enough to walk away, until finally there was no more medicine for me to have to do it,” said the model and influence, 29 years old.

Juliette denied discomfort with Luan after refusing to be ‘brunette’ in the video

During “BBB21”, the woman from Paraíba did not hide her admiration for the countryman and even kissed the singer of “Meteoro da Paixão”. And after refusing to star in the video, he removed any discomfort with his idol. “Before I’m someone else’s ‘brunette’, I need to be owner of me“he explained, adding that he is in contact with him.

Juliette is a huge fan of Luan’s and was extremely flattered and excited by the invitation. Unfortunately, due to pre-signed commitments, this particular project cannot be carried out at this time. Juliette has tried, as much as possible, to accomplish everything she would like and sees as a true dream any future partnership with the singer, for whom she has deep admiration and affection”, reported in an official statement the now new global company, which has also been signing contracts with companies of various branches, such as a large network of departments.

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