MasterChef Celebrity: Alex Caniggia has the hours counted and leaked how his departure will be
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June 4, 2021 9:55

Today there will be a special broadcast of MasterChef Celebrity 2 and details of the departure of Alex Caniggia, who will be disqualified from the competition, were leaked.

Alex Caniggia will be disqualified on MasterChef Celebrity and today is the last broadcast with his presence.

Many were the rumors about the departure of Alex Caniggia of MasterChef Celebrity 2, but the truth is that it was not known exactly when was his last participation. In the last hours, it was leaked that today will be the last day that the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul will compete on the Telefe screen.

As part of a special broadcast, which moved from Thursday to Friday, the heir of the clan will have the last chance to cook on the most famous stoves. As it transpired in La Pavada, which is broadcast by Crónica, the participant is today disqualified from the contest.

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The truth is that, from the production and the participants that make up the program, no official information on the subject was issued. Like the programs, except for the eventuality of some suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are recorded two weeks in advance.

MasterChef Celebrity: Alex Caniggia has the hours counted and leaked how his departure will be
Alex Caniggia will cook for the last time today on MasterChef Celebrity.

For this reason, there was a commitment of total secrecy, which was broken in the last hours. As it turned out, Alex makes an unforgivable mistake for the jury and, for that reason, will be disqualified from the most famous competition.

Tonight they will cook as a couple, except for one of the participants, because there are 7 in total. They will face Claudia Fontán, who was sanctioned for lifting food from the floor, Georgina Barbarossa, Candela Vetrano, Sol Pérez, Gastón Dalmau and María O’Donnell.

Meanwhile, on his official Instagram, Alex responded to the criticism with a post: “Always giving classes like in an academy … that’s why life always rewards me, “he wrote.

And he added: “With me neither my rivals nor the pandemic can … the Barats that speak to the fart are an epidemic !!!!!”, expressed defiantly, Charlotte’s brother. In the meantime, keep up your broadcasts on line, thus he showed his spirit in a stories:

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