Scabies, no!  Zé Felipe reveals that he has a tick

Zé Felipe recently became a father and also got another “gift”: an allergic reaction due to ticks that took care of your body. Recently, Virginia Fonseca had told that her husband had scabies after visiting an abandoned house next to his father, the singer Leonardo, But it was not like that.

Singer Zé Felipe shows an allergic reaction to the ticks he caught (Photo: Reproduction)

Through Instagram, Zé Felipe told the story and also showed some parts of her body that were marked due to allergy. The musician’s belly and legs are covered in red spots. He even found the small arachnids dead by the body after the injection he took to treat the problem.

“Think of an itch. It’s not scabies, no, see? It’s minuscule. For those who don’t know, micuim is that tick in the woods, in the fields, that comes out when you cut grass. So today I found three already dead, because I had four allergy shots. They all died and I just ripped it off. Do you have a base?” said Virginia’s husband.

“In addition to being unhappy with his situation, Zé Felipe was also surprised by his allergy to ticks, as he grew up in the countryside. “I always went to the countryside. Twenty-three years old and now caught short? I used sulfur soap, which is the same thing as putting a piece of turd on the body. I put on that louse shampoo and took two days of ivermectin. I’m still going to take one more”, he said.

Yeah, apparently there’s still a little more time before Zé Felipe gets rid of all these ticks. Is Virginia letting the boy take the little girl Maria Alice on the lap? All kidding aside, may the countryman recover soon.

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