What languages ​​does BTS speak?  Know the skills of each member

The Bangtan Boys have thrilled ARMY every time they visit different countries and cheer on their fans with a short phrase in their language, that is quite cute and fun, although they do not speak all languages ​​so fluently, the boys speak more than one language.

Being a world-class grouping, perhaps BTS was forced to learn more than one idiom and although they exist translators who can help them, it is also magical to hear from their own voice some phrase even in spanish; although the msica It can break down any barrier, even if it is a language.

The boys of Bangtan They also participate in shows and interviews all over the world. world, for this reason they are prepared with different Languages to answer the questions and give a better answer; they have also had to give some speeches when accepting prizes or for their fans.

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BTS has visited countries in Asia, Amrica, Europe and Oceana; also in their songs we can find letters in ingls and versions in japons but how well will the Languages to the Bangtan Boys?


Principally Korean, because it is the mother tongue of Bangtan Sonyeondan as of all its members, most of the lyrics of its songs They are in this language; Korea is the country where this group of idols and where support was also born to make others jump passes of the world.

But in addition to Korean, although it is obvious, the boys of BTS others know Languages, some may be better at some than at others, but all are given the task of knowing different tongues.


Other idiom that the members of BTS, is he chino being one of the passes who have visited frequently and who belongs to the same continent as KoreaPerhaps the closeness has allowed them to learn it better; highlighting Jin y J-Hope as those who speak it more fluently.

RM has a good pronunciation of this idiom, los dems members maybe they just know something basic.


Bangtan Sonyeondan has released some albums on japons What Youth O Wake Up, so we can realize that the idols they also speak this language; RM and Jin are the ones who have the best pronunciation of this idiom.

Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V y Jungkook understand and speak a little the japons, but not as much as his other two companions in Bangtan.


The best in this idiom is definitely RM, his pronunciation and understanding are excellent and he has become the translator official of BTS for this language, even though the band has two singles on ingls, not all idols the group speak it very well.

Jungkook and Jimin follow Namjoon as for this idiom Well, they have both been studying hard to help RM when answering questions and giving speeches in ingls. While V, Suga, J-Hope y Jin They know a little English, they can understand it and they know a few phrases.

It’s very exciting when at concerts, the guys from BTS encourage ARMY with a phrase in it idiom of not where they are, it is a small effort to learn even once phrase but it is a great action that excites and drives everyone crazy fan at a concert.

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