Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, their good chemistry made fans fall in love

In addition to an exciting fantasy story, The King: Eternal Monarch gifted us with fascinating cast performances and little by little rumors of a real-life couple emerged.

In 2020, tvN launched the K-Drama that would mark the return of Lee Min Ho to television after completing his military service. Fans’ attention quickly came to this production, proving that no one wanted to miss the new story starring the South Korean star, but when the rest of the cast was revealed the excitement increased thanks to Kim Go Eun.

Both took the leading roles and it was thus that week after week they portrayed the lives of King Lee Gon and Police Officer Jung Tae Eul. In the drama, his characters fall in love and love is so strong that it leads them to find a way to be together despite differences and difficulties. partner had great chemistry in the episodes, but even more off-camera.

When tvN started releasing clips from the footage, we discovered that Lee Min Ho y Kim Go Eun They got along really well, the recordings were full of fun and as they practiced for their scenes they couldn’t miss the wide smiles on their faces. AWW!

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Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun caught up in dating rumors

With the development of drama, more and more fans suspected that the connection between the leading actors went beyond their characters, so the promotional events gained a lot of attention because they showed how well they got along.

The rumors gained traction after the same Lee Min Ho He published a photo with the actress on his Instagram account and the eyes did not turn away from this potential romance, only that the story did not end as many expected.

It seems that the laughter and good chemistry between these actors was only the result of a good friendship that they discovered on the set, because the drama The King: Eternal Monarch came to an end and no rumors were confirmed. The reunion of these celebs would come with a meeting of the main cast of the drama, showing that there is a good relationship between all of them and that they enjoy spending time together as a group.

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