Infection prevented the return trip to Monaco

Safari tour and birthday party

Charlène added a red heart to the photo of her husband and the six-year-old twins on a safari tour – dressed in proper style in camouflage colors and with a large hat that protects against the sun. Charlène’s younger brother Sean Wittstock and his two children will also be there.

reason to celebrate

By the way, Charlène’s niece Aiva celebrated her 5th birthday the day before. That her cousin from Monaco could be there should have been a great surprise for the little one.

And the next party is just around the corner. On July 1st, Charlène and Albert celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Whether they celebrate the anniversary in Monaco on a large scale, you can be surprised. Anyway, one of the absolute highlights for the fans is when the Monegasque royals show their very private side. (abl)


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