‘X-Men’: WWE Fighter Wants to Play MCU Storm

Last year, Janelle Monáe (‘Antebellum’) e Kiki Layne (‘A Prince in New York 2’) said they were interested in playing The Storm in the upcoming films of the ‘X-Men‘ no MCU.

And it looks like this will be a very disputed role, as the fighter Bianca Belair also expressed his desire to give life to the mutant.

For those who don’t know her, Belair is one of the stars of the division Smack Down do WWE, a classic US wrestling event.

In an interview with the Geeks of Color, the fighter was asked if she would like to play a character from the comics, to which she replied:

“I want to play the Storm. I love her look and I’m dying to wear that uniform.”

She continued, explaining her choice:

“My husband loves superheroes, and he was the one who encouraged me to learn about these stories. So he introduced me to all of this… since the 1st time I looked at the Storm, I loved its look, its history and its features. She is calm, but when she gets angry, no one is a match for her. She is strong, confident and loyal. I see myself in it.”

So, do you think she would be a good performer for the character?

Still, many fans are campaigning for Dominique Jackson be climbed like the Storm.

The trans actress, known for her role with Elektra Abundance in the acclaimed series ‘Pose’, was the subject of a petition demanding his participation in a future film by the ‘X-Men’.

The petition on the website Change.org has almost 20.000 signatures and claims that Jackson “She knows what it’s like to be an outsider and what it’s like to find strength within a community. His journey has all the elements of a true X-Men: compassion, audacity and leadership”.

Enjoy watching:

“List Ms. Jackson will finally give fans an incredible portrayal of one of the most beloved heroines of all time. The X-Men have always represented the marginalized groups in society. Non-Caucasian and LGBTQ+ people always feel more oppressed than ever. Casting a black and trans woman as the iconic character would reach new levels”, completes the text.

Jackson felt quite happy to find out about the petition, posting a fan-art that reimagines it as Storm:

“Talent is a blessing and brings joy to others! I really loved it! Keep doing these amazing jobs, I wish you all the best! Thanks for bringing me joy! You’re making a girl feel special”, says the caption.

Be sure to watch:

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