Jasmin Herren visibly taken away

“I’m getting up again!”

“Dear ones, there I am”, Jasmin begins her long statement in which she speaks for the first time about her current emotional state. The sudden and far too early death of her husband, from whom she separated only a few days earlier, is still incomprehensible to her, as she admits. “I still haven’t understood everything. My heart doesn’t want that either.” And you can see that too. Jasmine looks worn out, shocked and marked by the countless tears she recently shed.

But the reality TV actress, who always flickered across the screens with Willi, doesn’t want to give up, but instead looks ahead: “I get up again, my husband always did it that way. And I’ll get right again stand firm at some point. But at the moment I’m still a bit shaky. “

And then Jasmin still seems to find the strength for a small, forced smile when she hopefully decides: “It will go on, however.” (cch)


Jacob Taylor

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